2 IN 1 Thermoline Chimney Sweatshirt SR0052

The balaclava is made with flat seam technology. The structure of the knitted fabric provides, adequate stretch and warmth in cold weather . The balaclava fits perfectly to the body and prevents chafing of the skin. Quick-drying, it effectively wicks sweat to the outside. Thanks to antibacterial silver ions (Silver+ certified by Rudolf Gmbh) it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of bad odors . Unisex model (fits both men’s and women’s heads)
Functional 2 IN 1 chimney sweater sewn from one piece that can be worn in three ways:
1.As a traditional mantelpiece.
2.After sliding off the part that covers the head as a neck warmer.
3.After sliding the head cover part as a face and neck warmer.
Ideal for transitional and winter periods. Easy to use and compact.

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95% Polyester
5% Spandex


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