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The Stanteks company is a producer of cycling and running clothing, swimsuits, thermoactive clothing and coolmax® underwear. Our products are made of the highest quality of textile and they characterize very reasonable price. The company was founded in 1990 and since that time it has highly increased the assortment of production. The Stanteks company has been nominated by customers to the group of laureates of “The Best in Poland” and has obtained certificates for such products like coolmax underwear and cycling knickers. Our goods can be bought in all of Europe and the countries of the Near East. We would like to wholeheartedly welcome to cooperation.

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Properties of the Coolmax knitted fabric


Materials made of specially developed polyester fibers that transport moisture away from the body to the surface of the garment, where the moisture evaporates quickly.

In this way, they prevent the body from overheating and ensure a pleasant feeling of dryness, even during the most intense activities.

At the same time, the uniquely shaped fibers forming the channels ensure excellent breathability, even in a humid environment. Air permeability, in turn, strengthens the thermoregulatory effect of Coolmax fiber materials that positively affect the energy, durability and efficiency of the user.

A very practical advantage of this material is its extremely easy maintenance. It can be washed in the washing machine many times, dried and ironed without losing its shape. Coolmax does not absorb odors.

Thanks to a special, wash-resistant antibacterial finish, Coolmax is able to eliminate bacteria formed on the sweaty body, reducing the unpleasant smell of underwear. Thanks to these properties, Coolmax dries faster than other textiles, wicks moisture away better and regulates body temperature.

Thanks to its delicacy and smoothness, Coolmax is used primarily in the production of underwear and clothing that adheres to the body. Coolmax keeps the human body dry all the time, retaining heat and a coherent layer of air on the body, making it comfortable to use in both cool and warm conditions.

Clothing made of Coolmax material was originally designed for professional athletes, but with the advent of the new millennium, Coolmax has found application in various fields of human activity. Today we find it wherever we need to keep the body dry, even during very exhausting activities.

Coolmax has developed three different degrees of clothing functionality. They are: Coolmax Everyday, Coolmax Active and Coolmax Extreme.

Coolmax Active helps to maintain the body’s thermal balance better than other materials. This material wicks sweat away from the body to the surface where it can evaporate faster and this thermoregulatory effect helps keep the wearer’s body dry.

Coolmax Extreme was developed for the high loads of competitive athletes. The material is able to reduce the external temperature of the skin and maintains hydration. It also offers excellent skin moisture regulation properties.

During the sweat wicking tests, Coolmax products were completely dry within 30 minutes, while cotton products still contained over 50% moisture.

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